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1. Can you deliver and install?

Yes. We offer a cost effective delivery and installation charge on all our products. Our team esures that all products are safely delivered and correctly installed.

Brand new bench desk

2.Do you buy office furniture?

We do, but only high quality commercial grade furniture in good condition. We also need to collect multiple items at once to make it cost effective. If you have furniture you want to sell, please provide an inventory with photos of the items.

3.Do you offer space planning?

We can offer space planning for larger installation projects. Depending on the requirements we may need to charge.

4. Can you take away our old furniture?

Of course. But we need to know exactly what needs to be removed in advanced to provide a quote.

reception chair

5. What sort of condition can we expect the second hand furniture to be in? Does it look good?

All our second hand furniture is reconditioned to make sure it looks great before we send it out. We only offer top quality commercial grade furniture. So you can expect it to look great and stand the test of time. In case of any inquiries or complaint about our used furniture, our teamis always on standby to asnswer and solve your issues. 

6. Can we come and view products before buying?

You are welcome to visit us during normal office hours. If you want to view an item the requires assembly, please give us a few days notice and we will get it ready for you in our showroom. Our customer support team is always ready to guide or assist you where necessary.

7. Do you offer furniture hire?

Yes. Prices available on application. 

8. Can you recondition our existing furniture?

In certain cases, yes and we’d be happy to quote. Recovering chairs, cutting down desks with suitable framework, regassing operating chairs and changing desks colour are things we routinely do.

9. What areas do you cover?

We supply furniture throughout mainland UK.

purple meeting chair

10. Are second hand products covered by a warranty?

Yes. We pride ourselves in providing quality products to our customers so all our second-hand furniture comes with a one-year warranty while the new ones have the warranty from the manufacturer. Our Warranty and Refunds page highlights the circumstances under which the two might be applicable.

11. Is my information safe on your Website?

Yes. Your data might be used for marketing purposes only if you consent to it. You can also revoke this permision whenever. Our privacy policy highlights how your information will be used as well as our cookie statement

12. Do you have job opening?

Yes, Please visit our career page for more information and availabel positions.