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Best office furniture colours

Best office furniture colours

When choosing office furniture, there are a lot of considerations including functionality, size, aesthetics and design. However, people often overlook the importance of choosing the best office furniture colour. Choosing the right colour not only improves the aesthetics, it also significantly impacts the mood and productivity levels. With the right furniture colour, you can easily create a space that sparks your creativity, makes you feel comfortable, helps you focus and motivates you to be more productive. 

pink allermuir reception sofa

What colours are good for an office

There are many colours that you can choose for your office space, but you need to consider different factors when picking the right one. For instance, if you're looking for colours that inspire productivity, you can consider getting orange, yellow, green or blue furniture. The function of your office and the mood you're looking to create are among the things that will help you choose an ideal office furniture colour. Let's explore the different pallets that you can consider for your office space whether it be a new piece or refurbished.



yellow bistro arm chair

If you want a colour that will stimulate creativity, yellow furniture is an deal option to consider. It is a perfect choice if you want your work space to look vibrant and to make the environment more optimistic. Often considered a happy colour, yellow would encourage more fun and activity in your office. It's especially a good choice if you're working in a creative environment where there's need to energize employees. Using too much yellow can be overwhelming and stressful so it's important to ensure that it's used in moderation. 


anthracite office canteen chair

Perfect for when you want to create a calm yet bold atmosphere, anthracite furniture would come in handy. It's also ideal if you are considering getting black furniture but you don't want to go all the way. The colour has a dramatic vibe and adds a touch of sophistication to your space but it also makes you feel calm and collected, making it a great choice for any workspace. The trendy colour is a luxurious shade of grey that is a popular choice for large pieces of furniture such as executive tables, armchairs and chairs. You can also pair it with other colours such as soft blues, mint and cream.


white bench desk

The colour white is known to improve employee well-being and boost productivity levels at the workplace, making it an ideal choice for office furniture. It also reflects light so it's perfect if you want to create a brighter workspace and make it feel more airy and spacious. Having white furniture will also make your office look clean and it will also allow other decor items to stand out. It's a suitable choice for a minimalistic decor theme and it also goes well with a variety of colours allowing you to create a personalised working area.


red meeting chair

Ideal for an active workspace, red office furniture is another option you can consider. The colour is quite bold and ideal if you want to create an exciting working space. This makes it a perfect choice for active working environments like marketing or sales departments. You should note that red can be overstimulating or cause anxiety and stress when overused so ensure that you use it in moderation. You can always pair it with other neutral tones for a balanced effect.  


black mesh operator chair

The colour black is one of the common choices for office furniture. Apart from making your workspace look modern, the colour also add a touch of sophistication. It' epecially suitable for executive spaces because it exudes authority. Black office furniture can be quite versatile when personalising your space because you can match it with a wide variety of color schemes Whether you choose black office chairs or desks, you can easily create a calmand profesional workspace. 


purple meeting chair

For a creative and luxurious workspace, purple would be the perfect choice. The colour is also ideal for creating an environment that balances activity and relaxation. Purple office furniture add ome mystery and a touch of sophitication to your workpace. It' a perfect choice for promoting productivity and efficiency. Lighter shades of purple can inspire relaxation and thoughtfulness, while darker tones add a regal presence to the workspace.


orange tub chair

The colour orange is yet another option that inspiress creativity and productivity. A georgeous blend of red and yellow, this pallete promotes enthusiasm and energy especially in fast-paced and dynamic environments. Orange hues add a touch of warmth to your workspace while also ensuring that you don't feel tired or bored. Orange furniture are great statement pieces and make the perfect addition to brighten up spaces that lack a touch of colour.


grey reception chair

A powerful office colour, grey promotes a focused and calm working atmosphere. You can pair it with other bright hues like orange, blue, or deep red to add a touch or elegance and professionalism. For instance, a grey desk iss a nice touch if you want to achieve a sleek and modern-looking office. However, it can be quit depressing when used in excess so it's always a good calll to pair it with other colours. Considering how neutral it is, i creates a perfect stylish and balanced backdrop for any office. 


green vitra alcove reception sofa

As a natural colour, sage green fosters productivity because it keeps you alert and well-rested for long hours. This makes it an ideal choice if you work for long durations or if your eyes strain from staring at the screen a lot because it reduces stress and encourages concentration. It also pairs well with other colours such as yellow and gold. Shades of green can vary from vibrant and energizing to soft and soothing, fitting any office vibe.


cream tub chair

A colour that's warm and versatile, cream is a perfect choice for creating a comfortable and welcoming office environment. Cream furniture works well in almost any office setting because it perefctly complements both bold and neutral color palletes. For more depth, richer tones like caramel would come in handy while softer shades like ivory create a gentle ambience. It's a perfect shade for lounges or waiting areas because it encourages relaxation.


burgundy office meeting chair

For a touch of sophistication and depth in your workspace, burgundy is an ideal solution. The deep red wine color, is particularly suited for high-end or traditional businesses, offering a luxurious touch. Burgundy can also stimulate a sense of power and determination. You can pair it with cream or dark-coloured wood furniture for a classic look.


brown faux leather tub chair

Another colour that can perfectly create a harmonious and calming environment is brown. The earthy tones bring more warmth and create a rustic vibe. You can consider darker shades for more depth and lighter shades for a calming and neutral working environment. It's also among the colours that promote  productivity. Brown can be paired with other colours for some contrast.


blue meeting chair

The best office furniture colour is blue because it's often linked to tranquility and it enhances productivity. It is ideal for high-stress environments because it's relaxing and calm and helps employees stay effiecient and focused. Blue strikes a balance between rest and activity and also inspires communication, making it ideal for team-oriented spaces. Whether light or dark tones, you can never go wrong with blue office furniture.