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Used Office Furniture

Used Canteen Stools

Looking for a simple and sturdy seating solution for your break room or canteen? These used canteen stools are the perfect choice! Refurbished using high-quality materials, these second hand canteen stools are built to last. The seats are padded for comfort, or from plastic for easy of cleaning. The sturdy steel legs ensure that they won't tip or wobble or you can choose wooden one. Some of these stools are stackable, so you can easily store them when not in use. Plus, you can find a lightweight for easy to move, making them ideal for any busy cafeteria or break room. With their elegan design and durable construction, these used canteen stools are sure to become a favorite or simply practical use among your employees.

  • £48.00
  • £48.00
  • £55.00
  • £49.00
  • £45.00