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How much is an office chair

How much is an office chair

Most office chairs cost about £110- £250 on average. Some office chairs are significantly more expensive than others, and this is dependent on who the manufacturers are the adjustments, model, and customization options. Getting new comfortable office chairs can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to an understanding the cost of an ergonomic office chair.

Let's look at some factors that play a part in the pricing of an office chair and ergonomic office chair variations to help you better understand what works best for you.

Factors that impact the cost of an office chair

1. Warranty

For any office task chair, the warranty is often considered to be one of the most important features. You should always confirm with your office furniture provider if the warranty is present and if so, what does it cover. The limitations and expected life terms may differ depending on your office chair cost.

A cheap office chair is likely to break in a couple of years since they are often made of low-quality materials hence their price range. Their warranties often do not include features like mechanical adjustments or seat fabrics and only last about one to five years.

On the other hand, an executive office chair is more durable, which means that its warranties are longer. The manufacturer of higher-end chairs offers warranties that can last up to 10-12 years and cover each aspect of the expensive office chair while also supporting larger weight limits.

Saturn executive chair

2. Fit and finish

Your office task chair has to have a good overall fit and finish. Your chair is expected to support the weight of a variety of workers so you will want one that fits together correctly.

Like most other features, the final price range will determine how well your chair will be put together and its overall quality.

You may encounter and sometimes even uneven parts in standard chairs. The chair may also be shaky, limited finish customization options, and have low-grade fabric in fabric chairs.

Executive chairs, such as leather chairs, are, on the other hand, made of good quality materials, and the parts fit much better. The finishes and fabrics on these ergonomic chairs are also much better.

New faux leather black tub chair

3. Build quality

An office chair that lacks durability and breaks easily is the last thing you need. Build quality is how office chairs can withstand everyday wear and tear. Two chairs may appear to be identical but one chair is made of sturdier materials and weighs more. The bases on low-budget task chairs are simple and small, and the plastic casters can only roll on low carpet. The mesh backs can be coarse, hard on clothing, or move too much while the seat pads can be thin and uncomfortable, especially on big and tall chairs.

On the best office chairs, you will find the manufacturers offer sturdy aluminum bases and large casters that allow easy rolling on different types of flooring, unlike the other chairs. The mesh backs on mesh chairs are also flexible and they have a comfortable foam seat cushion that conforms to your body.

Ergo twist black mesh seat

4. Adjustability

The list of adjustments to choose from when it comes to office chairs is endless. These adjustments help create a customized sitting experience for each user since we all have different body types.

However, these ergonomic features come with an increase in the price range of the chair. The more adjustments on a task chair then the more expensive it becomes.

The adjustments that are on cheap office chairs are quite basic and most do not offer much adjustability. The features may be quite difficult to adjust even though they are standard. The adjustment capabilities of high-end chairs are often smoother and they are easier to move and adjust as needed.

Regardless of the type of task chair that you are using, there are four features that everyone can benefit from.

  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Adjustable seat depth.
  • Adjustable arms.
Blue used chair on wheels with adjustable arms

New and used office chair costs

The cost of new office chairs is mostly higher than that of used chairs. When looking to purchase office chairs, you will be met by a wide selection of options, including buying new seats or buying used seats that will have been fixed of defects or the previous owner just wanted to clear out.

Although used seats come at a lower price, they may come with defects and are usually not likely to last long. New office chairs on the other hand are straight from the manufacturer. Therefore, you are assured of their build quality. They also come with all the due paperwork, including the warranty.

As an alternative to new chairs, you can opt for chairs that have been refurbished. They will come in better condition than used chairs.

Used purple meeting chair

What are the benefits of having an ergonomic chair?

  • They encourage good posture and active sitting in an office environment.
  • Come with adjustable ergonomic features such as seat height.
  • Are suitable for long sitting work hours.
  • Improves your posture and also helps to minimize back pain.
  • Provides people with desk jobs more comfort than any other chair would.
  • Provides enough support for your neck and back.

Having a comfortable office chair is essential for any office setting. Therefore, ergonomic office chairs are ideal for any office because comfort greatly impacts the level of productivity.